After hosting fundraisers for over 10 years, restaurant owner & Fundaxi founder Hass Aslami saw a need for transparency and started working diligently to fulfill that need. “I have people mention to me all the time, that they don’t participate in those fundraisers because its too hard to verify the full amount raised.” stated Hass.

From a business perspective Hass knew how restaurant fundraisers worked. Although his restaurants always strived to be as accurate as possible, he knew there was a possibility for error. There was no way to guarantee that all of his employees included every single fundraiser receipt. Hass also recognized the hardships for restaurants to be able to plan for such events with regards to food & labor costs.

Hass also looked at it from a fundraiser organizer’s point of view & instantly thought they need more transparency. The restaurant needs to be more open and able to prove they’re giving the organization/individual the full amount earned. Hass also wanted to create a way for organizations/individuals to be able to anticipate the outcome of their fundraiser, before the event actually happened. So after months and months of planning, creating and improving we’re excited to finally launch Fundaxi.


  • Fundraising should be transparent for all parties involved. All dollars should be counted.
  • Fundraisers and business partners will benefit from a platform where they can easily meet each other.
  • Business partners can better prepare when they know exactly how many visitors they will have.
We exist to ensure honest donation programs through our platform, ensuring trust and uniting donation programs and individuals.


Fundaxi was created to facilitate a transparent fundraising experience between businesses and community support organizations, providing real-time results and reporting.

We plan to build global philanthropy through creating a convenient, omnipresent and trustworthy system for organizations of all sizes, and individuals of all economic levels.

Our vision is to make philanthropy a global cause through a trustworthy, user-friendly and universal platform.


To connect community groups and businesses with a system of giving that is trustworthy, efficient and convenient.